Business Transactions

Organization of business entities: corporations and limited liability companies; commercial closings and financing, chattle mortgages, UCC secured claims.

Civil Litigation

Including personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, premise liability, motor vehicle collisions, collections.

Collaborative Law

Criminal Representation

Criminal and motor vehicle arrests, DWI charges, trials.

Estate Planning

Family Law

Truly one of the happiest of legal matters, let us assist you through this probate court process and convert the desire of becoming a parent into reality.

Many divorcing couples do not know about the tax implications of spousal support. Attorney Snearly is licensed in the United States Tax Court.  She can answer your questions and assist you in formulating structured settlements that are designed to minimize the impacts of tax following a dissolution of marriage.

When a decision is rendered by a court, both of the litigants may have a right to have the decision reviewed by a higher court.  Our firm offers such services and we have represented both those filing appeals and those defending appeals from child support enforcement (Magistrate Court), probate court, and Superior Court.  The appeal period is very short in most cases so contact us right away to arrange an appointment to discuss your rights in the appellate process.

Arbitration is another form of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) for separating or divorcing couples who do not wish to engage in court room litigation but yet cannot reach a decision on a particular financial issue. Many couples find that the need for privacy is high and presenting information in a court room for the public to see and hear is not practical or desirable. An arbitrator may be your solution. Giving the couple the opportunity to present each side of the disagreement, an arbitrator then renders a decision that is (usually) binding and enforceable in court.

Child Custody and Parenting Access (visitation)
Parents who are not married or in the process of a divorce or legal separation need to understand their legal rights and responsibilities as parents. Learning and understanding what is in “the best interest of a child” is critical in reaching decisions that will help your child transition successfully from one home to two. Contact us today for experienced help in navigating this often difficult and emotional journey.

Child Relocation Cases
Our firm has represented many parents and children in these most difficult of cases.  Let us assist you in understanding this complex area of the law.

Collaborative Divorce
Our law firm offers the option of a Collaborative Divorce or Collaborative Separation for both married and unmarried couples. Like mediation, it is a form of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) but unlike mediation, each of the couple has a trained collaborative attorney and all involved commit to resolving their differences by agreement and not by “going to court”. Collaborative resolutions allow the couple to be in complete control of the process and the outcome. For more information, please go to our “Resources” tab for links and contact us today for an appointment.

Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment and Civil Union
Our firm offers a variety of representation to divorcing couples and separating parents, whether it be through mediation services, Collaborative Divorce, arbitration or litigation services – see below and links under “resources: for additional information.

“Grandparent”and Third Party Child Custody and Visitation Rights
Contact us today for an appointment to learn more of the complicated laws surrounding the rights of third parties to the custody of and visitation with children.

Attorney Snearly is a trained mediator. If you wish to spare yourself and your children the emotional turmoil, uncertainty and cost of litigation, mediation services may be an option for you that allows you to determine the outcome – not a court. Mediation is often best for those couples who are committed to positive outcomes and willing to work together fairly and equitable with the assistance of a professional. Mediation is not limited to family matters but also extends to business matters and other disputes arising between friends, families, neighbors and corporate conflicts. Contact us for more information.

Modifications of Existing Orders (post judgment matters)
When court orders need to be changed to reflect changes in the life of a family, a return to court is usually required to modify the existing orders. Whether it is a change to child support, custody and parenting access, alimony or college-related financial matters for children, we offer the services to guide you through the process.

Paternity/Child Support/Custody
Unmarried parents of children often need assistance in establishing paternity and support for a child upon the child’s birth or later, if the couple separate. We have the experience to guide you through the process.

Prenuptial Agreements
When deciding to marry, it is important to know if a prenuptial or ante-nuptial agreement is recommended to preserve the couple’s assets and determine liabilities in the event of a subsequent separation or divorce. Knowing the law, your legal rights and your responsibilities will help you make informed decisions as to whether it makes sense for you.

Private Special Masters
Attorney Snearly offers her services to other attorneys and litigants as a private “Special Master” by assessing and reviewing cases for the attorneys and their clients. The goal is to craft creative solutions that benefit all involved in litigation without the need and expense for a trial. Contact us for more information.

Representing Children as their attorney or Guardian ad Litem
Whether it be for an intact family requiring legal representation for a child before the juvenile court or probate court, we have extensive experience and training in advocating for children. We can also assist you in understanding the role and duties of court-appointed attorneys and guardians for your child.

Supporting Children in College
Connecticut law gives authority to judges to impose financial orders upon divorcing parents to pay toward a child’s college education or “post majority educational support”. Allow us to assist you in understanding this law.

Personal Injury

Probate Administration and Probate Litigation

Estate administration and probate litigation, will contests,  conservatorships, adoptions, estate planning, wills, powers of attorney, trusts, asset and wealth distribution, elder law, Title XIX planning, asset protection.

Residential/Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Residential and commercial closings, mortgages and refinances, title searches, security instruments and liens, title claims, boundary disputes, New Home Warranty actions.

Workers Comp